Meet the Fleet...More precisely, a Consolidated Aircraft Fleet, Model 2. This little cutie rolled off the assembly line at 2400 Elmwwod Ave, Bufflo, NY on July 5, 1929  We aquired it from another museum which had it restored, flown for an hour, then pickled for display. We are in the process of rigging, unpickling, then just flying the airplane for a few hours to break the engine in (the engine is new!). 

In 1929, Baseball was king... Babe Ruth was playing for the Yankees, The country was winding up the "Roaring 20's", and the world was just a few short months away from the big stock market crash that would begin the Great Depression. My wife Lisa is from Buffalo (which helped a lot when contemplating this purchase). Recently, I lost a good friend, John Cournoyer, (Please see the Texaco WACO F-2 Tab)  who restored a great many old airplanes. His craftmanship was unparallelled, and the airplanes he built were works of art and beauty. John taught me much about keeping the antiques flying. Whenever we met, he would give Lisa a big bear hug and call her "Babe"

In honor of its heritage and era, and in remembrance of my dear friend flown West, we decided to call the airplane "Babe"

Despite her good looks, Babe is a beast of burden. She's pretty to look at, but all business, and trained lots of young men headed off to War in the early 40's. She will be out and about once the weather cools a little this fall.