Our Story

Ever tried to write something about yourself? Its hard! Im still trying to put this page together, and I'm worried whatever I write won't accurately descride my partners and the high regard I hold them in. Keep checking back, I'll come up with something.. Perhaps theres a reason I always got an A in Shop and barely passed English. I very much prefer the quiet anonimity of the hangar...

What I can say off the top of my head is this...We are all dedicated to the restoration and operation of Vintage Aircraft, but more important, passing that on to a younger generation of flyers. Without the youngsters, our passion is dying. It always hurts me to see an airplane all polished & pretty, but sitting behind velvet ropes. My opinion is these things inspire more by flying... by running, than they do by sitting on display. My vision is much like the late Cole Palens Old Rheinbeck Aerodrome..."drag them out and fly em". The next time you see a vintage airplane in a museum, remember, these things were expensive... If someone bought an airplane in the 30's, they did so because they needed it. The most nit-picky, historically accurate restoration, isn't accurate without bugs on the glass and oil on the belly. They were built to be flown, and to serve.  Some argue that the airplanes are too valuable to fly, and indeed, some with relavant historic significance are... but these were built with 1930's technology. There is very little on any of these planes that we cant repair, rebuild or remake, sometimes significantly easier today then when they were built. 

We're going to keep the Old Dogs Flying,

People Often Ask about the Dog & the Rocket...Like everything else, there's a story that goes along with it... so here goes...

When I was young, I really wanted to have a flying service with my Dad. He loved old airplanes, and we talked about putting a runway in the front pasture and buying a PA-11. or Cub. As a teenager, even when we disagreed (lots)... we could always talk old airplanes.  I wanted to be a Crop Duster (like any good parent, Dad wasnt too keen on that idea).  Time passed & I got busy with flying to making a living, always thinking Dad would be there. He became ill in 1990, so I sold my airplanes and moved back to the farm in the spring of 1991...he passed away too soon thereafter.

I inherited his beloved Bassett hound, "Rosie", and in keeping with a lifelong dream, Rosie and I started the Flying Service...We built a runway on the front pasture, I bought a beat up old 235 Hutch Wing Pawnee (Named "Grady") and started spraying alfalfa. The rest is history. 

The Rocket is a tribute to Dads profession, an Engineer at NASA, the dog is Rosie, and I put the logo on all my spray planes, beginning with Grady....It just seemed fitting to include them both into this endevour. 

I miss you Dad,