Feel like a Champ!

An Aeronca Champ, that is! Specifically its a 1946 7AC, Modernized & Updated with 100 HP, full electrical system and higher gross weight. This little Cutie has plenty of room and power, and even sports a starter, radio and transponder (bite your lip!) 

In the 40's, (and Since), The Aeronca Champ was the primary competition of the Piper Cub. Both had their die-hard followers. Unlike the Cub, in the Champ you fly solo from the front seat. If one could describe a 1946 airplane is "refined", the Champ is certainly a step closer in that direction than the Cub. Both have their stregnths....Its your choice, and all good!

The Champ will be available for rental and instruction this spring. Drop us a line if your interested.