One of the new themes for 2020 and beyond is the introduction of our summer camps... Just imagine this....

Your group (up to about 10-12, not including adults) arrives at the airport late in the afternoon with their camping gear and sets up camp beneath the wing of one of our beautiful vintage biplanes... just like the Barnstormers did in the past. Each airplane will accomodate 5 or so campers, plus their adult chaperones.  As evening approaches, around the campfire one of our staff, dressed as a 1920's Pilot, appears and teaches about the history of the particular airplane the group is with... telling aviation stories and answering questions. The entire group experiences the closest thing we can create to a period correct time travel back to the 1920's, made to inspire kids into the future by using tools of the past. Imagine, spending an evening with Amelia Earhart or Charles Lindbergh under the wing of an old biplane. And its not just for boys... lots of daring ladies graced our skies back then.

The following morning, we will prepare breakfast, and learn more about the airplanes by working in the shop building a wooden wing rib, recovering an airplane part with fabric... or working on one of the museums project airplanes. The group can meet "Rosie the riveter" and give it a try. We will teach how an airplanes flies, basic navigation. or many other topics.  We will brake for lunch and wrap things up in the afternoon.  Its possible, depending on the weather and size of the group, that we would be able to give rides in the Cub or one of the other airplanes.

The purpose of our museum is to inspire. To that end, each camping event will take a lot of coordination from both sides, to create an experience the kids will never forget. Uce the "Contact" page and lets visit about getting kids to reach higher.