We've got 2 of these... which is pretty special because they are fairly rare. The SR-5 is a huge airplane... seats 5, and one of ours had the distinction as having been flown by Amelia Earhart. Its next in que, we will begin working on it full time late spring 2017. Powered by a 300 Lycoming, this airplane has a fascinating history that is just too long to list

1930 TravelAir 4-D, N697K

1934 Stinson SR-5 Reliant, N13853

1930 Stearman C3-R, N790H

The Timeless TravelAir, designed by Lloyd Stearman, produced by the TravelAir Co of Wichita KS which was owned by C. Cessna, W. Beech and Lloyd Stearman (hows that for a family tree!). This Airplane was sold new to the Long Island Aviation Country Club, whose members were the very elite, to include Charles Lindberg and other Aviation greats. Originally powered by a Wright, we'll put a Lycoming 300 on it and hopefully it'll be our next ride hauler. Imagine sitting in the same seat where Lucky Lindy may have flown with Anne Morrow (his future wife!) The first picture is of the airplane new, Then converted to a duster (thats not ours, but it looked like that), now under restoration.

I love old airplanes. Its the stories they tell and what we uncover along the way that makes it neato.  We got this airplane thinking it had a pretty normal history, but then come to find out... BAM... it was used for charter and transport by movie stars back in the day. Heres a shot of Clark Gable alongside it outside his favorite hotel in California!  Makes perfect sense... Stearman didnt name it the "Business Speedster" for nothing