Well, here they are. The 2018  Basic Aviation Scholarship Reciepients.... left to right, bottom to top, 

Cole Robinson, Dusty Burroughs, Grace Renner, Abigail Jernigan, Connor Blahuta, Josh Steffek and Nolan Steffek

Announcing The 2021 Milton Weikel Aviation College Scholarships

I've explained who Milton Weikel was on the raffle page. Its because of him and the airplane he built that we are proud to offer scholarships bearing his name!                                               

Raffling an airplane is completely new to us. This is our first, but it probably won't be the last. In all honesty, although the revenue created seems great, there are a ton of expenses that go along with it, so we don't know exactly how many scholarships we will offer, but what we do know is they will be well worth applying for, and awarded for the following areas of study:

(1) Aviation/Flight Sciences/Professional Pilot

(2) Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics, Welding or Machine Shop trades, Avionics, Electronics, NDT, etc...

(3) Engineering, (all diciplines, but must have an aviation thread-interest)

The application process is simple. Send us an email (oldtimeaviation@gmail.com) and introduce yourself, with the School you are, and are planning, to attend. What are your goals, dreams, and hobbies? If your not local and we haven't met, send us pictures. If your an A&P applicant, send us things you've built or worked on, (doesn't have to be airplanes... Rosie loves Hot Rods, Motorcycles and things like that).  Refrences are good... community service is too. We are more interested in an individuals interests and accomplishments than grades. We have to get to know each other... but don't worry, we don't bite. The scholarships are our way to give a few kids a shot, (I was going to say "a leg up", but that didn't sound right to Rosie).  Anyway, we don't mind betting on the underdog. 

We will start looking over the emails beginning Feb 1, 2021, and will begin to award them as the raffle progresses. Since we have to set a deadline for everything, lets say July 1, 2021 is the latest for an application. 

If your on the fence about applying, lets be clear (I'm not serious very often on this site, but I'm being so now), APPLY! 

To begin the application process, Email us, we will follow up with whe application package.

Just a little sidebar to avoid any confusion... We teach local kids to fly here at the hangar, but these scholarships are open to any student, in any state, enrolled in a professional curriculum in one of the areas of study described above.