Lets face it...everyone likes putting on the dog, so here's your chance! Nice heavyweight Cotton Tees featuring Rosie ready for launch. These aint' no flimsy see through shirts, your going to look great. All sizes, (S-2X), and the ladies have the V neck. They only come in white, because we want you and Rosey to stand out.  20 bucks each, $22 for the 2XLs they're just way too cool to pass up! We'll pay the taxes and shipping anywhere in the US.   

All good pilots wera hats...plus you'll never have to comb your hair again if your wearing one of these Texas Barnstorming Museum Ball Caps. One things a sure bet, it'll look better on your noggin than it does sitting on the nose bowl of a Fleet, but either way its saying "Look at me, I'm cool and the sun isn't in my eyes."!  

$19. with  taxas and shipping included. If you buy more than one, they are $16 each after the first. 

Embroidered Flight Bag Patches...  there's already some kind of iron on adhesive on them, but we stick them on with ShooGoo and they've lasted great! They look good on flight bags, jackets or anything else thats fabric. The Scholarship kids here all put them on their letterman jackets. How neat is that. 

Heres a riddle... if you use the link, email me and tell me the significance of the wrench and I'll send you the patch for free. Otherwise $4.00 will get you one of these little cuties. Look closely at the picture, the riddle is'nt that easy. Taxes and shipping to the US included. 


To order, just figure out what you want, total it all up, and use the donate tab. Put quantities, sizes and your address in the remarks. Please be sure to include your email or contact info so we can tell you when it's on the way. Thanks !