I'd like you to meet the Cubs Cousin, the Taylorcraft BC-12D-1

The Taylorcraft Story

CG Taylor was a genius. Sortof.  A self taught engineer, he founded small aircraft manufacturing company in 1926 which produced a neat little side by side airplane called the Chummy. The Chummy didn't sell, so Taylor moved the company to Pensylvania where he designed and built the Taylor E-2 Cub, partnering with several businessman, one of which, William Piper, had made a fortune in the oil business.  Taylor and Piper did not exactly get along. Taylor soon left to build his own company, called Taylorcraft, which produced this little beauty.  William Piper hired another engineer named Walter Juneau who refined the Taylor design and redesignated it as the Piper J3 Cub.

This Beautiful airplane was donated to us by Maribeth and Richard Green. We will use it for the scholarship kids to have a neat little flivver to fly and enjoy. Thanks So Much Maribeth and Rich! We will pass it foreward!