Win a Brand New Ready to Fly Vans RV-12 

I'll tell you the story of the airplane, but first, I'd like to say a little about the man who built it. He was an Engineer, Pilot, Craftsman, and most imprtantly (to me anyway), a friend. To say he was an aviation enthusiest is a bit of an understatement... he hadn't missed an Oshkosh. Ever. He loved what we do here, donated time, airplanes and mentorship.  He came to our fly-ins, met and mentored the kids, and built airplanes. He built the airplane and flew it for about 5 hours. He flew it over and told me "I can't wait to start building something else" He was working on a Legal Eagle when the cancer took him away from us all too soon. His family, knowing what Aviation ment to him gave us the airplane to Raffle and start Aviation and Engineering Scholarships in his name. Until it's over, all things being equal, I'd just as soon not say who he was until this is all over-for the families privacy sake. 

The Airplane:  What's to say... It's beautiful and well built. We painted it, sonewhat basic but stunning so the new owner can add stripes or bling it out like they want. As is, its gorgeous. It has about 5 hours time on it, with Dynon Sky View flat panel avionics. We are just wrapping up the paint, and prior to the Raffle end, will have a reputable service center update it, replace all the time limited components, like the coolant hoses, with new. This will be as close to a brand new airplane as we can get, all for a $100 ticket. 

The Raffle Details: We will sell 2500 tickets, at $100. Thats the story. The raffle website has an end date of 12/31/2021, but we will draw and announce when all the tickets are sold. And we will be marketing the tickets aggressively. These are great odds... Vegas wouldn't exist given them. Someone will fly away a brand new $50,000 airplane for $100  To enter, cut and paste this link on your browser

Like I said, the proceeds will fund Scholarships for Aviation, Pilots & Mechanics, and Engineering. Buy a ticket, Win a plane, and help a kid. What an Opportunity. 

Stay tuned, we will update pictures, progress and updates regularly! Heres a few shots of her leaving the paint booth yesterday!