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The RV12 has a new home in New Mexico!

Every once in a while, things just seem to fall into place. So it was with the winner of the RV12. The winner, Jacob, has 2 sons, both of which are pilots, and one is also an A&P. They will use the airplane to build hours for their commercial license. Just how cool and fitting is that... a Museum that raises money to teach kids to fly and helps them through college raffles an airplane, and it is won by someone 3 states away that needs the airplane to provide hours for a couple of aspiring commercial pilots. It just doesn't get any better than that. Out of respect for the winner of the plane, I wont give his identity other than his first name for now. There will be a follow up article in General Aviation News with pictures and lots more info, but for now, I'm just going to let them decide how public they would like to be. We live streamed the drawing of the winners on our Facebook page (under the watchful eyes of one of Hallettsvilles finest Police Officers), but somehow the livestream just dissappeared after being posted for 8 hours or so. Weird. 

The other prize winners have been notified, and their goodies are on the way as well. 

The raffle was a great experience for us, as well as somewhat of a learning curve. We made many new friends along the way, and in hindsite we could have done some things better. One thing for sure, it isn't our last. The raffle allowed us to provide some pretty substantial scholarships, which is why we exist.

Lastly, this will sound corny, but Thank You! Everyone who entered, or didn't but just watched, Thank You! To the folks who sent me emails, or called us Thank You! We are learning... and we've had a blast! The kids are much better off than when we began, Hopefully the next go around will be a bit more polished, and the routine easier. All the scholarships are possible because of you, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Y'all come see us on October 30th at the Fly In.  A picture of the winning tickets is posted below. 

Thank You so much again.