What's a Barnstorming Museum?.....

Well, in the roaring 20's, Aviation was new. Hardly anyone had even seen or touched an airplane, much less flown on one. Pilots returning from WWI bought cheap surplus airplanes, and used them to sell rides from farmers fields. By doing so, they heightened public awareness to the industry, and were called "Barnstormers" by the media. These early Aviators made local news headlines, became heros, and inspired a Nation to explore the skies above. Did you know that of the first 7 Astronauts, all but one had been inspired (and ridden) with a Barnstormer or had an early exposure to Aviation.  Using Jenny's, Canucks, Wacos and anything else that could fly, the Barnstormers inspired a generation to span oceans, cross deserts, and eventually land a man on the moon and bring him back again.

Our mission is simple, To inspire... Just like the Barnstormers of the past. And especially youngsters.

My thought is kids today have just as big an appetite for adventure as they ever have, but we've plunked them into a world where opportunities for exposure (short of some type of electronic media or game) are limited. They lack that simple element... inspiration, to achieve the great things they're capable of.  Everyone knows the Wright Brothers were the first to fly an airplane, but how many know they designed and built the engine for it... and the propeller? Aviation holds something for everyone, whether you have an interest to fly, design or maintain, the opportunities are without horizon.